"A Veteran Owned & Operated Corporation"
Established 2001

CCTV Systems 

Through our direct dealerships and distribution channels IACS can provide and will respond to many types of CCTV requests. Our CCTV Systems are driven by our costumers requirements. We specialize in designing each customers site by using a wide variety of manufacturer products. IACS Technicians are trained in the field, as well as certified in numerous systems by the manufacturers. Our Technicians deliver the most professional service to satisfy our customers demands.


IACS Inc. provides custom installations and services for:
  • IP

  • Analog / Digital
  • Hybrid
  • NVR / DVR Systems

  • Video Surveillance / Analytics

  • CCTV Monitors
  • Custom Home Security 

IACS Inc. provides customer satisfaction through the following manufacturers and products: